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We Are Rock Panda Games.

We're creating the best 

in interactive entertainment

by making games that change

the way people have fun.


Rock Panda Games is an experienced game studio.

We are committed to bringing players a quality gaming, experience and an immersive gaming world.

As stated above, our goal is to be your source of joy!

We are a small, growing studio, and while we aren’t perfect, we strive every day to build the sort of studio we always wished we could work for. 

A spiritual world that creates joy for everyone and creates unlimited imagination.
This will make us very excited and happy!

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What We Are About


《My supermarket》was our first game and it was a big success right out of the gate.

130K likes, 550K favorites, and a peak of 50K simultaneous online users are some of the figures we are very excited about.

It also encouraged us to keep working on more and better games.


We always believe that creativity is a very important point in making games.

Rich creativity has infinite possibilities and it will help us conceive different game worlds.

So, we welcome fans to share their creativity with us and let's make better games together!


Create a harmonious and friendly game community!

Push the limits of innovation and creativity on our platforms to create moments of joy for our team and community.

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